​Hardwell x FUTURE BOYZ Special Interview


Interview by FUTURE BOYZ
Translated by Emi K Lynn
Supported by InterFM ‘Turnt Up Thurzday
Date: Jan. 2015 Phone Interview

Hardwell: Hello, this is Robert.

thisisWAYNE: Yes, hi – hello , my name is Wayne from InterFM, Tokyo, Japan.

Hardwell: Hey, how are you?

thisisWAYNE: I’m doing great, thank you for asking

IamSHUM: Hello, this is I Am Shun, it is a pleasure to be talking with you.

Hardwell: Hey!


Hardwell: Ok! Yeah!

thisisWAYNE: All right and thank you for having the time for us today.

Hardwell: No problem.

thisisWAYNE: And since we only have fifteen minutes, shall we start our interview?

Hardwell: That’s ok!

thisisWAYNE: OK, thank you! So, for your first album – you have been producing and performing for many, many years – How does it feel to have finally come out with your first album?

Hardwell: Uh, really great. I’ve always been working on several singles –as you’ve mentioned – but to have your own artist album that’s – well, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, you know? It was always something that was on my bucket list. Well, I’m really happy after like almost two years of work I’ve finished the album.

thisisWAYNE: Oh ok, what, two years? 

Hardwell: Yeah, it’s been a long time (chuckles)

thisisWAYNE: Right, right! And why did you feel that this was the right timing to put out your first album?

Hardwell: Uh, yeah well as a deejay I’ve achieved many great things during the last two or three years. And for some reason, didn’t have that much time to work on the production side so, since I’ve achieved so much as a deejay I wanted to focus more on my production side – so I thought that an album would be the best thing to express myself.

thisisWAYNE: I see, I see. The production means your own label, Revealed? (Revealed Recordings)

Hardwell: Yeah!

thisisWAYNE: Uh, ok. All right I see.  And how did you come up with the title, “United We Are”?

Hardwell: Actually I came up with the title because no matter where I am in the world, no matter which culture I’m in – everybody can relate to the songs I’m playing. An my singles you know, if I play for example in Japan or Australia or India or Russia – they all sing along to the songs, you know? So, from that point everybody is united. They come to a show to have fun, to celebrate life, to have a good time and of course,  to hear the music they are a fan of. And that’s actually how I came up with the title, “United We Are.” Everybody is united and everybody is feeling the same no matter where you are or where you are from in the world.

thisisWAYNE: Ah, I see. No boundaries.

Hardwell: Exactly!

thisisWAYNE:  Ah, I see. Ok, ok! So, congratulations – you’ve become the back-to-back #1  (DJ MAG TOP 100 DJs) deejay in the world. So, of course people will have a certain expectation regarding you new album. Do you feel any pressure or stress?

Hardwell: Uh, no not really, you know? I am really happy with the album and super satisfied of how it turned out. And I think that is really important. You can never satisfy everybody, so…. There will always be people that don’t like the album and there will always be people that like the album, you know? You cannot satisfy everybody. And I am really happy with the album so I think that is one of the more important things as well.

thisisWAYNE:  Ok, ok! Thank you very much! How do you choose who to collaborate with while you are making the tracks for the album?

Hardwell: Well, a lot of people from the album I met already during the year. For example, Amber Sheppard, she’s on the title song, “United We Are.” But we also did, “Apollo” together. My latest single, “Sally” with Harrison  – we actually met in Ibiza this summer. We decided to go in the studio and yeah we actually recorded that song. Yeah, basically they are all really good friends of mine that I’ve decided to collaborate with.

Hardwell feat. Amba Shepherd - Apollo (Official Music Video)

Hardwell feat. Harrison - Sally (Official Music Video)

thisisWAYNE: Ah, ok, ok. I see, so for you it was very natural to collaborate with your friends.

Hardwell: Exactly, yeah!

thisisWAYNE: Hmm, ah, nice, nice! And how do go about writing the lyrics?

Hardwell: Uh, well I work with a lot of different songwriters and it takes a lot of time to come up with the final product. you know? For example, the single, “Young Again” with Chris Jones we had a completely different chorus in the first place. We kept writing and Skyping, you know, just bouncing ideas back and forth and in the end we came up with the one line, ‘the young again.’ But sometimes it takes a lot time to find exactly the right vocal for the right instrumental.

Hardwell feat. Chris Jones - Young Again (Official Video HD)

thisisWAYNE: Oh, ok, ok. Is it the same with your track? Do you have any certain mixing engineer or a teammate?

Hardwell: No, no, no. When it comes to the production, I do everything myself - from writing the song to mastering the song.

thisisWAYNE and iamSHUM: Wow!

thisisWAYNE:  All by yourself? One self package!

Hardwell: Yeah, everything by myself.

iamSHUM: Woo! Wow! You use Logic?

Hardwell: Yeah, I use Logic – Logic X, now.

thisisWAYNE:  Ok. And in making the tracks for the album do you envision playing the tracks in a big arena or in a big festival and try to create the sound that would fit those venues?

Hardwell: Uh yeah, well both. With that said, during the process of the album I always kept the dance floor in mind. So, even for example my track with Jason Derulo it’s gonna be more radio friendly, but it’s still working on the dance floor.

Hardwell feat. Jason Derulo - Follow Me (OUT NOW!) #UnitedWeAre

thisisWAYNE:  Ah, ok.

Hardwell: There’s not gonna be like a different remix for the dance floor. It's still like a really dance floor minded track. As a deejay, that’s what I wanted to aim for – I wanted to create dance tracks that are still dance floor minded. 

thisisWAYNE:  Ah, ok, ok. So it’s like a different approach to your music.

Hardwell: Exactly. Because in my opinion, a lot of deejays now are creating radio songs instead of dance floor songs. But in the end you are deejay so you need to entertain the big crowds.

thisisWAYNE:  Ah, right, right exactly. Let’s move on to your launch party at the Ziggo dome.

Hardwell: Exactly!

Hardwell - I AM HARDWELL United We Are 2015 Live at Ziggo Dome #UnitedWeAre

Hardwell - I AM HARDWELL #UnitedWeAre 2015 Live at Ziggo Dome (Official After Movie)

thisisWAYNE:  Yeah, yeah! This must be a truly special moment for you – having the launch party of your first album in your own country!
Hardwell: Definitely, that’s definitely something special!

thisisWAYNE:  Right, right! And I noticed that you seem happy but how do you feel – right now? How you geared up, suited up, prepared for your own show? What's inside your heart?

Hardwell: Yeah, I’m really excited for Friday and Saturday. I’m still working hard, the next few days I have completely off – just working on the set.

thisisWAYNE:  Ok.

Hardwell: We’ve been preparing the show now for almost like five month in a row.

thisisWAYNE:  Wow!

Hardwell: yeah it was kind of weird because we were still touring with the previous show – the previous I Am Hardwell show – and we were already working on this show. So, yeah I can’t wait to actually kick it off this Friday.

thisisWAYNE: Is there a possibility, or can we expect any special guests? Do you have any surprises for the audience?

Hardwell: Uhhh, maybe! I think there will be – actually a fan is gonna be super surprised.

thisisWAYNE: (Laughing) ok, ok! In the end, please tell us, what is your extreme goal for Hardwell and your label, Revealed?

Hardwell: The goal is to keep releasing relevant music that is refreshing to the dance floor and music that works in deejay sets. The label is completely dance floor minded. We are doing really well, you know? In 2015, we already had two #1 hits on Beatport and well the year just started. So, yeah it’s going really well at the label. And I’ m really proud of every artist on the label. 

thisisWAYNE: Hmm, right, right. And how do you guys work? As a team sometimes?

Hardwell: Uh yeah, well it's a team, I always call it a family, you know? We’re more like a family. The producers and the guys who work at the label , i.e., eveybody’s in contact with each other  - We help each other out. I think that’s the best thing to help come up with a rally great final product.
thisisWAYNE: Yes, yes. Definitely. Well thanks for having us today.

Hardwell: Thank you – see you this weekend!

thisisWAYNE:  Well, yes (laughing), I wish that I would be there! We’re looking forward to seeing you in Japan, probably next summer?

Hardwell: Yeah, I’m definitely coming back. I really had a great time during ULTRA (ULTRA JAPAN 2014). I can’t wait to come back and do another show.

thisisWAYNE: Oh! Oh wow! Glad to hear that! All right thank you very much!

Hardwell: Thank you! Bye bye!

thisisWAYNE: Yes, yes. Please have a great day. Bye Bye!
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2015.1.23(fri)on sale ¥2,000+tax

01.Eclipse – Hardwell
02.Follow Me - Hardwell & Jason Derulo
03.Sally - Hardwell feat. Harrison
04.Let Me Be Your Home - Hardwell feat. Bright Lights
05.Colors - Hardwell & Tiësto feat. Andreas Moe
06.Where Is Here Now - Hardwell & Funkerman feat. I-Fan
07.United We Are - Hardwell feat. Amba Shepherd
08.Don't Stop The Madness - Hardwell & W&W feat. Fatman Scoop
09.Young Again - Hardwell feat. Chris Jones
10.Echo - Hardwell feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn
11.Arcadia - Hardwell & Joey Dale feat. Luciana
12.Area51 - Hardwell & DallasK
13.Nothing Can't Hold Us Down - Hardwell & Headhunterz feat. Haris
14.Birds Fly - Hardwell feat. Mr. Probz

Bonus Tracks For Japan

15.Arcadia (Thomas Newson Remix) - Hardwell & Joey Dale feat. Luciana
16.Jumper - Hardwell & W&W
17.Dare You - Hardwell feat. Matthew Koma

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